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Get ready for a world of adventure!

Orin’s Gate is an original roleplaying game designed, dreamed and imagined by D. Morris. It uses 5e mechanics, but offers a totally original environment set in a world of parallel universes.

Chibi style illustration of a team 'Ethereum', each character representing a different class.

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Setting the stage…

Orin’s Gate in short takes place in the distant future of humanity. After humankind destroyed their original home, they started to search for a new home.

Realizing that humanity did not have time to find and travel to a new planet, they began to research the option of an alternate dimension. A place where humanity had not already destroyed their own world.

After years of research, humanity was able to find a new plane for themselves to live in, a system called Orin.


Adept. Assembled. Elementalist. Chronomat, Sentinel, Berserker… and more. Which class will you chose? Do you enjoy melee combat? Or do you prefer to warp time in order to reverse the damage done to your allies and friends? There’s a lot more to choose from. Check out the full list here. All about classes